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Our Mission

It is our goal at American Snow and Ice Solutions to provide dependable top quality service.  American Snow and Ice Solutions exists solely to assist our clients in achieving success.

Our Mission is to provide you, our Client with a stress free experience through all four seasons.

Make American Snow and Ice Solutions your property maintenance company of choice.

Our History

American Snow and Ice Solutions was founded in 1980 providing snow and ice management solutions to clients with both Commercial and Industrial Properties. We have grown throughout the years with hard work, dedication and great employees.  With this, we have become a very diversified company able to offer our clients service that is second to none.

Our fleet consists of all late model trucks,skid steers and wheel loaders.  Having a large fleet gives us the ability to keep up with even the heaviest of snow falls.  Year after year we have been doing business with the same Service Providers, as well as adding highly qualified new ones to our arsenal. This allows us to work together to provide superior service during winter events.  As a group of experts in the field of snow and ice management solutions… working together, we have become a premier snow and ice control company.  We pride ourselves on timely and clean curb to curb service for each winter event. We like to say we take the RISK out of Risk Management.

We use multiple forecast models and have a Staff meteorologist working on the weather forecast weather, so we are always ready before and during the storm.  Having the ability to predict winter events, even before the general public along with knowing how the storm is changing and evolving while it is in progress is something that gives us a competitive advantage over smaller companies.

Another thing that sets us apart from smaller companies is the implementation of CREW TRACKER SOFTWARE.  We not only use CREW TRACKER for real time updates that are not only provided to us, but also require our service providers to supply reports and work logs.  This ensures that if any slip-and-fall lawsuits are brought against the property owner, property manager, or the snow and ice management company; they will be successfully defended with accurate data.  The validity of that data provided is backed up with the CREW TRACKER SOFTWARE which can track all logging time, location and tasks, using real-time technology that instantly records data which can be accessed faster than GPS.

Lastly, we have a system in place to make sure everything runs smooth before, during and at the end of a winter event.  We notify our employees of upcoming winter events using a 3-tier alert system.  24 hours out, we call a code yellow.  Yellow indicates a pending winter storm.  12-24 hours out, we call a code orange.  Orange indicates that we will be going out and what time to report to work.  Last but not lease there is a code red.  Red indicates it is time to report to each job site and start.  With such a system in place we have found ourselves to be very productive and it gives our employees the time to take care of family needs.  This has helped us to keep employee call offs to a minimum.

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